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The international name for this language is "Beja". At least 700 books and articles have been written about "Beja". The language is also called Bidja or Bedja, and in Beja itself, it is called Bidhaawyeet. (Click on the "book" button below to see what has been written.)

Here you find an introduction to the Beja language - which is very much alive in 3 countries!
Beja may be older than Old Egyptian - which is dead and only found in pyramids.
(Did you know that "Nafirteeta" / "Nafirtiti" has the same meaning in Old Egyptian and Beja?)

Here you find many books and sound files in the Beja language.

This language was the last "big" African language to be written - a language of about 2 million speakers - but in the last 10 years, many books and songs have been produced!

Come and see and read and listen!


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