Mark's Gospel

  • File icon John prepares the way for Jesus - Mark 1
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  • File icon Jesus heals a lame man - Mark 2
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  • File icon Jesus healr a man with a stiff hand - Mark 3
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  • File icon A story about sowing seed - Mark 4
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  • File icon Jesus heals a man with a demon - Mark 5
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  • File icon Jesus is rejected in his own village - Mark 6
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  • File icon The teaching of the elders Mark 7
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  • File icon Jesus feeds 4000 people - Mark 8
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  • File icon What authority does Jesus have? - Mark 9
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  • File icon Marriage and divorce - Mark 10
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  • File icon People happily receive Jesus in Jerusalem - Mark 11
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  • File icon A story about tenants - Mark 12
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  • File icon Jesus predicts that the temple will be destroyed - Mark 13
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  • File icon Jesus is in Bethany and people plan to kill him - Mark 14
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  • File icon The governor Pilate questions Jesus - Mark 15
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  • File icon Jesus is alive - Mark 16
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Mark's gospel starts by declaring that Jesus is divine.

The life of Jesus is shown as crowded with help for people around him. People still follow him when he wants rest: even his prayer time is interrupted.

His friends criticise him because he is constantly teaching and helping people - Jesus hardly finds time to rest.

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